Herding sheep dogs are used on farms and in pastures, to maintain and manage the sheep that are in those pastures and at the farms. Dog sheep herding is something these special dogs have to be trained to do. There are many strategies these sheep dogs have to do, in order to keep the sheep in line. You also have to make sure you pick the right sheep herding dog, in order for you to have the most successful herding dog. Picking the right one in the first place, will determine if they have what it takes to have the best strategies and do the best work.

You have to be the best trainer, in order for your dog sheep herding to be successful. Not only does your dog need training, but you will be the main one for needing to be trained. This is because, not only do the dogs need to be partners with the sheep, but your dog is your partner in this job, as well. He will already know what to do, most of the time, because they are bred to do this. It is sorta in their blood. You, first and foremost need to have some special training, before heading out to the pasture with your dog. After getting some training yourself, you will need to think about which breed to choose, for your next sheep herding dog.

Picking the best breed is very important for your farm or pasture. Border Collies can be one of the best breeds to go with. The border collie is known for their intelligence. One other main factor in border collies, is their work ethic. They are bred for wanting to please their owner and will work until they are done with the job. Border collies are bred for sheep herding and for doing work, such as herding different animals as well. Not so much bred for looks, however, they are beautiful dogs.

When picking a breed, and training them, they have many descriptions that they have, when they get out on the job. Everything from running sheep all day, from taking orders from their owner for many other things. One of the description they have, is to be a partner to both the sheep and you. With the right commands from you, the dog should be able to move them sheep anywhere and everywhere you need them to go. The best sheep herding dogs can move them with the calmest of authority, without making the sheep scared. A good sheep dog will also make the less amount of commotion to get the sheep moving. The opposite will happen with a poorly trained herding dog. You don’t want the sheep to get scared and annoyed with the dog and start going astray. So being a good partner to you and the sheep is very important.

When having a sheep herding dog, you just have to make sure to establish a great partnership with him and make sure they do the same with the sheep. Dogs are amazing companions, but they make better herding dogs for sheep. With the right training, you and the sheep herding dog will not have any issues with keeping them sheep in line and in order.

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