Your new dog that you just got could be shy or nervous. He could also be skittish around new items, people, or other animals. Now you know that you do not want your dog to be constantly nervous around these things so you decide you want to socialize him to them. Socializing your dog to the new items can be a challenge, but here are some tips of how I managed to socialize my dog.

The first tip that you can utilize is getting your dog introduced to new people. The new people can be one of the hardest things that you can introduce your dog to. However, if you allow your dog to go at his own pace it will be easier for you. For instance typically if you are in a park other people are going to be around. Now if they ask if your dog bites or if they can pet him then you will reply normally with a no on the biting, but a yes on the petting. Instead of letting them come up to your dog you should let your dog go up to them. That way your dog will get used to approaching new people instead of having them come up to him.

The next challenge can be even harder to deal with. That is getting your dog socialized to other animals. Now typically the other animals will have their owner with them which can make it a little bit easier. However, if your dog is nervous or shy he might growl or raise his hair. If your dog starts doing this then you will want to reel in the leash and keep him close by your side to prevent him from biting the other animals. The hard part with socializing your dog with other animals is he will have to work at his own pace and you cannot force him to meet other animals because the way that they react towards each other could be very different than how they react with people.

The last thing that you will probably want to introduce your dog to is objects around your home. Now this may sound like a very silly idea of what to introduce your dog to, but if he is skittish around some objects you will want to introduce them to him. Now I know that one of my dogs was scared of plastic bags. To get them used to plastic bags I had to show him plastic bags almost every day and show him that they were harmless to him.

All of these are things that you will want to get your dog socialized to. Now you will want to take it at your own dogs pace which will vary for each dog. Remember rushing your dog will not help you get them socialized any faster.

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