Is your canine fearful and shy? When your canine is very much attached with you, and very wary of strangers, your canine may go snapping and growling as well as barking at unfamiliar dogs and people who get very close to it. Your friends may say that your canine is a ‘one- man dog’ however it is a fearful or shy canine. Then the best thing for you to do as the owner -must let your canine go to the dog kernel to have its appropriate dog socialization.

The reason why your canine is shy:

The reason why your canine is fearful or shy to some strangers is due to the bad experience that it has encountered in the past somewhere along a line. Some of it’s causes are also due to it’s genetics. But the main reason of shyness in dogs is caused mainly by this important thing- and that is neglecting to socialize the puppy in its few months of its life. But it is also necessary not to continue socializing your canine too soon, as several dogs will go through a shy time period before its six months of it’s age.

Do you teach your dog to be shy?

When you speak softly, reassuringly and slowly to your own canine in the attempt to calm the canine down is a great misconception. Initially you will be teaching him that if it hides, snaps, barks or growls at somebody, you dog will be recompense with your own attention and praise. Teach your canine to behave well and some dogs socialization tips instead.

Secondly, just listen to your own voice when you are reassuring your own canine. To the canine it will sound just like a dog’s whimper. The canine does not understand the words that you are saying but it will make him more anxious about the strange person.

You must train your Shy Dog

Dog socialization is really important for any kind of canine. Socializing it when it is still a puppy is the right way to prevent your own canine from turning into a shy canine. It needs to be exposed to various kinds of dogs, people and places in order for it to learn through experiencing mingling with others and that there is nothing to be afraid of. When your canine is a shy adult dog already, it is still possible for you to socialize it. It will take longer time, and you will need plenty of patience but this can still be done.

The most important thing to consider when training a shy canine is not to rush it. When you try to force it into socializing with some unfamiliar dogs or people, it is reinforcing its idea that these things are too scary for it. In addition it may feel that he has no option but to defend itself, which may lead to an aggressive attitude.

Teach your own dog some dog socialization tips daily. You may not notice it but you are doing just that to your dog sometimes.

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