Many people think of animal related careers as only being a zoo worker, a vet or other similar popular career path involving animals. However, many animal related careers exist that are just as fulfilling while not being so overpopulated with workers.

A veterinarian is one career that many know about. However, another career along these lines is a veterinary pathologist, or the veterinarians who have an extra degree or training in pathology of animals. Mostly scientists fill these careers and they work with the lab samples and other tests to determine what is wrong with a sick or suffering animal. This is a very important career choice because studying the pathology of diseases can not only save the lives of the animals, but can also research and invent new treatments to older diseases. People choosing this career can make, on average, between $120,000 and $160,000 a year.

A lawyer advocating for the rights of those who have been violated in some way sounds like a career in criminal justice, right? While is most cases, this may be true, there is a career related to working with animals involving lawyers as well. This career focus is an animal rights activist or lawyer, also called an Animal Welfare Lawyer. The people who train for this career go through a vigorous education process, just as regular lawyers do and they not only attend college but law school as well.

Additionally, Animal Welfare Lawyers also receive training in animal health and in the social sciences. These lawyers protect the rights of animals through veterinarian malpractice cases, animal welfare cases and represent the animal is they are in danger of being pout to sleep as well. The average yearly salary for this career choice is about $94,930.

A behavioral scientist or therapist is one who works with people in the study of their behavior and attempt to determine why they behave the way that they do. This career is also one that has a relation to animals. An Animal behavior specialist is one who studies animals to try and determine why the animal will not respond to training, will not listen to owners or even diagnose depression in animals. The people who chose this animal related career will go through varying degrees of education including degrees or certifications in behavioral science, veterinarian sciences and more. The average salary for this career choice is about $60,800 a year or more.

An animal physical therapist or assistant therapist performs the same job on animals that physical therapists perform on humans. These therapists also study the behavior of the animals as well as veterinarian medicine. They perform physical therapy exercises with the animals as well as coping exercises with those who have depression or anxiety problems. The average yearly salary for an animal Physical Therapist is about $60,180.

Many different career choices are available related to animals and animal care. If anyone with a love for animals is looking for something fun to do while making it life long career choice and making money at the same time, choosing one of the above animal related career choices are certainly worth the effort.

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