Dogs too need to learn proper social skills and it is also possible for you to teach your dog social skills. You can start by observing how your pet is around others when you are in areas like the parks. From there, you can see f your dog is being a loner or is easily mixing with other dogs.

As a dog owner myself, I feel the pain like other owners who faces the same problem, when I noticed my own pet being lonely and is not mixing with other dogs when it should be at the parks. It felt like the kid who get cast out of the social circles. I then learned to teach my dog social skills after noticing this problem.

Firstly, be open to the possibilities that your pet can be the type that likes to play by itself and its toys rather than with other dogs. It is possible if others are bigger than it is and intimidates it. Like people, dogs too can be either an introvert or an extrovert. If it is usually not the hyper-active type, then it will not have the habit of running about but will be happy just rolling around and playing in a small area of the park.

Another thing that is possible is that your dog might feel overwhelm like people do when it is in a crowded place or having too many others around. You can try to take it to the park when there is less people and dogs. You can also slowly teach it to socialize by inviting friends with dogs over to your house so that it get use to playing with other dogs than only with its toys.

You too, can read your dog’s body language. If it is sending out signals to other dogs to leave it alone, then it will receive that and be left alone. Like mentioned, take it slow and step by step in letting your dog mingle with others. When it is comfortable mixing with a few dogs, then you can slowly let it mingle with larger groups.

Be flexible and understand your dog’s needs. When you teach your dog social skills, you can prevent it from adopting unhealthy habits such as selfishness and jealousy. It will treat guest dogs better and will have more fun than a bad experience when other dogs visit you.

You can be creative when you teach your dog social skills such as letting it know of other types of animals such as cats, birds, tortoise and many more. It will let your dog know of the different types of animals out there and will become more acceptable of other animals. Some dogs that do not know much about other animals freaks out or gets frightened when it is put together or sees a new type of animal that it is not familiar with. This will make it ore ready to attack than to accept the other animal.

Training social skills is a fun activity that brings you closer to your dog and instilling good behavior in it. When it is more sociable, it is more acceptable by your guests and will less likely to create problems for you when you have visitors over to your house. Not only will you have fun with your guests, your dog too be not feel left out and will be busy having its own fun with its new friends.

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